Rice Law Welcomes Nicolle Norris as New Associate Attorney

At Rice Law, we are hoping to always do what we can to represent more people and families in the middle of difficult divorces and family law disputes. In order to improve our services, we are expanding our legal team. Most recently, we have been able to grow with the addition of Associate Attorney Nicolle Norris.

Attorney Norris completed her Juris Doctorate at Washington College of Law, American University in 1996. With an intentional career focus on cases that reach litigation, Attorney Norris is a tremendous addition to Rice Law. In fact, she has spent more than 16 years managing cases that reach either state or federal courts.

Before finding her calling with family law, Attorney Norris worked in criminal law centered on drug crimes and narcotics. She was the Chief of Felony Narcotics unit in the Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney’s Office. This background has thoroughly prepared her for complex family law cases that would likely cause other family lawyers to turn away. For example, she is uniquely poised to handle child custody cases involving a parent who is living with a narcotics addiction, or a case involving a protective order.

Throughout her career, Attorney Nicolle Norris has earned significant recognitions and awards within her profession. She has been given the Special Act Award, Department of Justice, a DEA Certificate of Appreciation, and more.

Would you like to know more about Attorney Norris? Are you interested in seeing how Rice Law and our Annapolis family lawyers can help you and your family figure out a difficult legal situation? We would love to hear from you! Call (410) 709-8971 or use an online contact form today.