Child Support Lawyers in Maryland

Effective Representation for Child Support Hearings in Annapolis and surrounding jurisdictions.

Under Maryland law, whether they are separated, divorced, or never married, all parents are required to contribute to the care and well-being of their children. If you need a child support attorney in Annapolis, call Rice Law for an experienced and hard-working child support attorney in Maryland to represent you.

Maryland Child Support Law

Generally, Maryland calculates child support based upon the Maryland Child Support Guidelines, which is a formula to determine the appropriate amount of child support that should be paid.

Maryland Child Support Guidelines include the following when determining child support:

  • The income of both parents
  • Number of minor children
  • Any other child support being paid to a child from a previous relationship
  • Any alimony being paid or received
  • Health insurance costs for the minor children
  • Extraordinary medical expenses for the children
  • Work-related child care expenses
  • Educational expenses for the children
  • Travel expenses

If the combined income of both parties exceeds $360,000 per year, then the court may deviate from the Maryland Child Support Guidelines.

If you need a child support attorney in Annapolis, call Rice Law for an experienced and hard-working child support attorney in Maryland to represent you.

How Long Are You Obligated to Pay Child Support in Maryland?

Until a child reaches the age of 18, Maryland law requires child support to continue. If a child is still in high school, the age can be extended to 19 years. When child support is past-due, the agency will continue to enforce payment until the arrears are paid in full, regardless of the child’s age.

How Do You Request an Increase/Decrease in Child Support?

If circumstances have changed since the order was issued, or if it has been three years since it was issued or last modified, you are entitled to request a review. In addition to significant changes in income and work-related day care costs, changes in health care costs, and changes in custody, changes in the child’s financial needs may be grounds for a modification.

Child Support Disputes in Maryland

Child support payments and other financial matters relating to children may be agreed upon by both parents and included in a separation agreement or divorce decree so long as the agreed upon child support is approved by the court. When there is a dispute regarding child support, and other financial matters relating to the children, such as the cost of uninsured medical expenses, private school, or extracurricular activities, it may be necessary to go to trial and have a judge decide the issues. Our child support lawyers in Maryland have the experience and knowledge to settle your case outside of court, or, if necessary, try your family law case in a courtroom.