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  • Exactly what my family needed.
    Stacey and her team ensured I didn’t get railroaded during my divorce. I was supported through the entire process, including some much needed emotional support. I can’t imagine the outcome of my case without Stacey, she was able to quickly counter anything that was not in my best interest with an impressive breadth of knowledge of family law. Stacey presented my case in a fashion that was professional and thourough. During this entire process, Stacey kept the needs of my children and my family’s well-being a top priority. I was lucky enough to find an advocate for myself and my children in Stacey, and I would recommend Stacey to anyone in need of superior representation.

    - Sandra

  • So happy I hired her!!
    I switched to Stacey after originally starting with another atty who was slightly less expensive. I am so glad I did!! Stacey and her staff were so knowledgeable and made me feel so comfortable throughout my case. I don't know what I would have done without her. I highly recommend her!!

    - Mike

  • Top Notch Attorney.
    Stacey did an excellent job representing me in both a contempt case and custody case. She is well versed in child and family law. She was very responsive and timely in her communications and kept me informed through the entire process. She fought hard and was successful!

    - Mike L.

  • Epitome of a great lawyer.
    Stacey did an amazing job navigating me through a difficult divorce, and did so with utmost efficiency and professionalism. Her knowledge of the Anne Arundel court system is second to none. No matter how daunting a case seems, Stacey has a way of ensuring the best possible outcome. she refused to let my ex and his attorney take unfair advantage through attempted abuse of the legal system. If you have a complicated case Stacey is the attorney you need.

    - Anonymous

  • Delivered more than expected, more than promised.
    I entrusted the most important aspect of my life to Mrs. Rice; my child and my relationship. As I expected she is very professional without being cold and harsh. Her first response and the associated documents came so quick that I was not even prepared for it. It surprised me a little because any professional that is at the top of their game is usually very difficult to communicate with. I was very pleased. I also dealt with her staff and found them very professional. Mrs. Rice's knowledge of the law, even a relevant brand new case was comprehensive. She is very familiar with all the idiosyncrasies of the courts. Best investment in my child's and my life and well-being.

    - Anonymous

  • Amazing lawyer.
    I went through an extremely tumultuous divorce. Both my ex and his attorney had ridiculous expectations and filed multiple frivolous filings. A divorce that should have only taken six months took over two years. Without Stacey as my attorney I never would have made it through my case with my sanity intact. Her knowledge and handling of my case allowed me to have an outcome where my ex lost every insane demand, and I won all my reasonable ones. Stacey will fight for you in court to ensure you have a great outcome and she is a lawyer who truly cares about her clients.

    - Amanda

  • The best you can get.
    A child custody case is emotional and often heartbreaking. My husband and I were shocked beyond belief when his ex filed to modify custody, filing a petition making radical claims against him, asking the court terminate his legal custody and enforce permanent supervised visitation. Stacey was calm and confident, helping us organize evidence, explaining everything we needed to know, keeping us informed at every turn. When it comes to your child, you want someone who cares about the outcome, and it most definitely matters to her. She is honest, kind, and reliable.

    - Anonymous

  • My case was a disaster and turned out to be successful.
    I recommend hiring Stacey Rice as your lawyer. I was a client that called and emailed non-stop because of my situation. She will guide you every step of the way and keep you informed of what is going on with your case. If you do not understand the legal system, she will break it down so you do understand. My case was a disaster and turned out to be successful. I was very happy with the outcome. I was fighting from another state and she helped me gain custody of my child. Stacey did everything in her power to help me gain custody of my child. She did not stop fighting until we could prove what was going on to the courts. She is not only understanding, but she is there for you as a client. She cares for you and the child. Fighting for your child is not easy and at sometimes it can be a very difficult time and you want to give up, but if you have the right lawyer such as Stacey who cares you will feel at ease. Thank you Stacey for helping me and I really appreciate all the time you took for my case. I don't know what I would have done, if I didn't have a lawyer such as you and thank you for not giving up on my case. I'm so very thankful.

    - Samantha

  • I consider her more than just my lawyer but also my friend.
    Stacey Rice is more than just a lawyer. She becomes your friend, your ally, your defense, your support system and so much more. She goes out of her way to give you all the details so you can make an informed decision how you want to proceed but she also tells you like it is. She does not sugar coat things so you are not aware of what could possibly happen. She gives you all the facts. She is always there to answer questions and genuinely cares about you and your family. I consider her more than just my lawyer but also my friend.

    - Anonymous

  • She's flat out the best around.
    Stacey is an excellent attorney who really cares about your case. Aside from being an expert on Family Law, she understands the difficulties that you are going through and shows deep compassion during such a difficult time. She's flat out the best around.

    - Anonymous

  • You’ve gained clients and partners for life.
    Thank you for being our strongest ally. Our family has been using you since 2008. We have had three cases in the past year and you constantly show prepared and ready to fight for us and what you think is just. There is a difference between knowing how to be passionate, and being passionate about what you know. They say a good lawyer should separate law and emotion, but it is the balance of emotion you provide that wins your cases. You are quick on your feet, you continue to study the law and changes in the community and you never let the opposing party get ahead of you. In addition, you’re communicative about how we can be better prepared ourselves. We are currently in the middle of a trial that will literally change the lives of several people, a young one in particular. We are fully confident that you will be ahead of you opponent and bring justice to the families involved as you have done many times before through your knowledge, professionalism, report, experience and passion. You’ve gained clients and partners for life.

    - Jeff & Kerri

  • Thank you for being not just an attorney, but an honest adviser and partner!
    Stacey, of course, you know I very much appreciate your efforts to finally get me divorced. However, you may not know what about your work I have valued so much. It is wonderful to have an attorney who is not only professional, but personable; one who stays in touch, is always within reach, and is excellent at explaining the law and recommending what can work best to meet my needs. Perhaps most of all, there's the sense that you really care. It is so rare these days to find such a quality in people, particularly those who serve for money. Thank you for being not just an attorney, but an honest adviser and partner! May you never lose the special gift of caring for those you serve!

    - Bernice

  • Legendary Lawyer
    I cannot thank you enough for the heroic efforts you made on my behalf in my divorce. I cannot pay you enough either. (really, I cannot sorry.) As Dave Ashley Said when he referred me to you, "there is a very simple rating system for lawyers: a lawyer is the best, or, second best, or not worth rating. " You are the best." Gaining the custody of my son Sam was more than i ever expected. I should be much better able to protect and insulate him from "issues" Thanks to you. Reality finally sits in, unbelievably so, I can't get the trial out of my mind, how you Ms. Rice have been with me through all of this, from start to finish, never putting your pen or keyboard at rest. I am amazed how you went up against opposing council, who during the trial flanked you, two veteran lawyers on your left and one in the audience. It was literally you vs. 3 lawyers and a judge who challenged every objection you made consistently. But you Stacey Rice did not falter, you stood up and gave 110% in the courtroom. During trial preparations I told my witness's " to make them feel at ease" that do not worry when you approach the stand, Stacey Rice will brandish her shield of justice and protect you, guide you up there, you are not alone i said" Yesterday i went to the local gym i frequently go to, a lot of people there that know me, know that i have been going through this and told me a long time ago that justice when harnessed correctly will be served. My reply to the patrons at the local gym was "if you see me with my son on Thursday walking through the gym then that is a good sign" As i walked in the gym with the happiest 8 year old one could see. People at the gym actually started to applaud us as i gave them the thumbs up... truly amazing!! At that moment reality sat in and i realized that a well gifted Attorney COMMANDS THE RESPECT OF THE COURTROOM. end of story.. thank you for reading this.

    - Jon.

  • Absolutely AMAZING
    Stacey did an incredible job with my case. She really reviewed all the facts, listened to my side of the story, worked with people she knew to get a good background and fought very well. We ended up being able to add it into the "win" category!

    - Chris

  • She's the best!
    One of the first things Stacey said to me was "I don't want your money, I want your kids to have your money". She proved that by the efficient way in which she handles her cases. I can't express in words how great Stacey is in handling divorce and custody issues. She is an incredible multi-tasker, keeps everything organized and kept me from letting my emotions cloud my judgement. Near the end of our negotiations, I told her that I had to step back from the situation and that she had full power to do what she thought was best. She saved me a lot of money!

    - Beth

  • Superior in all aspects.
    After experiencing inadequate representation from a previous attorney, I was referred to Stacey Rice to handle two cases, criminal and divorce/custody. I immediately felt a sense of relief and security after our first meeting due to Stacey's professional conduct, demeanor, knowledge and frankness. She was empathetic in regard to my turmoil, yet calm, honest and forthcoming in addressing the issues at hand. She took the reins and immediately began navigating through the matters associated with my cases in an expeditious and confident manner, a trait that Stacey has consistently exemplified since our introduction. More importantly, she provided me with a solid sense of security that I finally had the right person in my corner who was a strong advocate for me, my child and our best interests. I have and will continue to refer anyone seeking counsel to Stacey Rice. I am sincerely grateful for her dedication.

    - Anonymous

  • Stacey did a great job for me.
    Stacey did a great job for me. I had received poor advise from another attorney and had an unfavorable outcome during my divorce. I turned to Stacey and I was able to more visitation with my kids. Thanks!!

    - Anonymous

  • I would definitely recommend her services to anyone seeking to take on modifying custody agreements or child support issues.
    Ms. Rice was recommended by a co worker also going through the court battle to get more visitation with his children. I have been 100% satisfied with Ms. Rice's services. I have found her advice to be sound and realistic. She has not made promises or given false hope in areas of my case which are not as strong as others. She has kept me informed of updates in my case and has made herself available to answer questions when I would least expect a return call or email, such as late evenings or weekends. I am more than appreciative of the effort Ms. Rice has put into resolving my issues and am very satisfied with the outcome thus far. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone seeking to take on modifying custody agreements or child support issues.

    - Anonymous

  • All the stress and anguish that I was feeling over this case went away.
    Stacey has represented me in my child custody case. Once I engaged her to become my attorney, all the stress and anguish that I was feeling over this case went away. Stacey has done everything so professional and I am very confident that my outcome will be what I am looking for. She has gone way above and beyond what I have asked of her. She has gave me the reassurance that I needed about the care of my daughter. I would highly recommend her in any case she takes on as she will fight for her clients and for what is right.

    - Anonymous

  • Stacey's legal skills are equaled by her compassion and interpersonal skills.
    Stacey Rice has represented my children and myself since 2006. Our case was complicated and highly emotional, involving protecting my children from their father's dangerous behavior. Stacey displayed a huge range of competencies during this time. She was legally astute, able to use her knowledge of criminal and family law in order to turn every circumstance to our advantage. Stacey dealt in a firm, even manner with the bulldog of a defense attorney. She never slipped, never missed an angle. Moreover, Stacey never made a decision without considering long term impact. Her foresight was tremendous. Stacey was efficient. New circumstances arose constantly. She responded immediately with whatever action or document might be required. Stacey's legal skills are equaled by her compassion and interpersonal skills. She listened, cared and comforted. I felt safe, and therefore was able to pursue safety for my children. I will be forever grateful.

    - Anonymous

  • Highly Recommended.
    Stacey handled my divorce last year, and did an awesome job. She was always totally honest in all matters, and never gave me false hope of any kind. She was always empathetic, and sensitive to my feelings, and always put my needs first. I have absolutely no reservations about referring Stacey to anyone, and will not hesitate to call on her again. Thanks Stacey!

    - Anonymous

  • I wouldn't want to be the opposition in front of her on the witness stand!
    Stacey Rice is a very powerful advocate of justice. She has a very complete understanding of the many real life experiences one might be involved in. As well as placing herself in the forefront to defend you and make right of the wrong.I wouldn't want to be the opposition in front of her on the witness stand! She makes a complete and accurate assembly of every detail for your case. At every person to person meeting I have had with her, I have seen her fill out a complete note pad with the details given. I feel extremely assured and confident with her in court and with every phone call. She is relentless in the facts finding and will stay on until the job is done.If you want someone to be there for you in full spirit, Stacey Rice is the only one to call! God bless you Stacey!

    - Anonymous

  • She has become a Godsend to our Family.
    Mrs. Rice has a vast knowledge of Law in both Domestic matters as well as in Criminal. She has become a Godsend to our Family allowing us to receive the assistance from the court that we have so desperately needed for 6 years. Currently, we have had her on retainer for a little over 6 months at least and will continue to keep her for the future. I would recommend Mrs. Rice for her confidentiality, timeliness and overall human compassion. Anyone who says otherwise has obviously not used her and is writing slanderous reviews for their own gain. Her professionalism has shown itself on more than one occasion when anyone else would have ranted and raved. Our case is a very messy (if you will) one and Mrs. Rice is more compassionate, professional, and knowledgeable than the past 4 lawyers we have had retained in the past. In the short time she has become our attorney we have been able to save our Child from any more abuse, a feat that was previously unattainable.

    - Anonymous

  • Would highly recommend her to anyone.
    I used Stacey to handle my separation/divorce and child custody cases. I feel I was represented fairly and honestly. She was extremely caring and sensitive to my needs and wants as I was going through this process. Would highly recommend her to anyone, especially any woman going through this type of ordeal.

    - Anonymous

  • She is very knowledgeable and personable
    Stacey represented me for my child custody/support case in Baltimore County. She came referred by another police detective that I work with. She is very knowledgeable and personable. We were eventually able to settle the case with very few hearings under her direction.

    - Anonymous