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Child Custody & Child Support Modifications in Maryland

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Whether it’s good or bad, life is full of constant changes. If you have a current child custody, visitation, or child support order from a divorce and you experience a significant change in circumstances, the court order may no longer work. You may need to request a modification by having an attorney file a motion with the court.

At Rice Law, we are committed to protecting your rights and best interests throughout the legal process of obtaining a modification. Whether you are seeking modification or challenging a proposed modification from your ex-spouse, we can assess your case, determine your available legal options, and help you obtain the best possible outcome in court.

Common Reasons for Child Support Modifications in Maryland

According to state law, child support payments may be lowered if the paying parent can prove a material change in circumstances. Examples include involuntarily losing a job (getting fired or laid off), custody arrangements (the non-custodial parent is awarded more custody/visitation time), and a significant increase in the custodial parent’s income.

The custodial parent may also ask the court to increase child support payments. Common examples of material changes in circumstances to obtain an increase in payments include the noncustodial parents getting promoted or a better-paying job, the custodial parent loses his/her job, and the child needs more money for food, clothing, shelter, and medical expenses, commonly due to aging.

Common Reasons to Change a Maryland Custody or Visitation Order

Just like a child support order, the petitioning party must show a material change of circumstances to obtain a modification for a current child custody or visitation order. Common examples include health issues (whether suffered by the child or the custodial parent), relocation (i.e. the custodial parent moves to another county or state), remarriage, schedule changes at work, and the custodial parent develops an addiction or abuses the children.

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Our Annapolis lawyers can help you draft a petition which shows that a material change in circumstances is evident and the modified order also serves the best interests of the child. Remember, if you disobey the current order, not only will it negatively affect your modification proposal, but it may result in further legal consequences. Do not hesitate to let us help you immediately.

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