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Protective orders and peace orders are issued by a judge to prevent an individual from committing harmful acts against another person. While the two orders are similar in nature, the relationship between the people involved in the situation determines which order may be issued by the judge.

At Rice Law, our Annapolis protective orders and peace orders lawyer guides our clients through the process of petitioning for the order that is most appropriate for their situation.

Protective Orders

Protective orders are issued for domestic violence or abuse between parties who are married, related by blood, or in a cohabitating relationship, or share a child in common. Types of abuse that may require protective orders include assault, stalking, rape, false imprisonment, and other acts that may cause fear of serious bodily harm. If the judge issues a protective order, the respondent may be ordered to refrain from any further abuse, to have no contact, to vacate the home, and to stay away from the petitioner’s home and work and to stay away from the children’s school or daycare.

Situations that may qualify for protective orders include:

  • Current and former spouses
  • Individuals related by blood, adoption, or marriage
  • A parent, stepparent, or stepchild
  • People with a child in common
  • Individuals who have cohabitated for at least 90 days in the past year

The process of obtaining a protective order begins with filing an application for a protective order with a court commissioner, if courts are closed, or with the court, during normal business hours. A temporary protective order will be issued for a period of 7 days. After that time, a hearing will be held with both parties present. The final protective order can last up to a year, but it may be extended for another six months or more, depending on the situation. It is best to get advice that is specific to your case in a consultation with our Annapolis protective and order attorney.

Peace Orders

Peace orders are under the jurisdiction of the District Court in Maryland. A peace order is used in situations where the individuals are not related, such as people who are dating, neighbors, strangers, or coworkers. Regardless of the type of order, you must be able to show abuse. Peace orders last for six months and may be extended for another six month period. If you need to file a peace order, or if one was filed against you, call our Annapolis peace order attorneys to help you with your case.

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