Legendary Lawyer

I cannot thank you enough for the heroic efforts you made on my behalf in my divorce. I cannot pay you enough either. (really, I cannot sorry.) As Dave Ashley Said when he referred me to you, “there is a very simple rating system for lawyers: a lawyer is the best, or, second best, or not worth rating. ” You are the best.” Gaining the custody of my son Sam was more than i ever expected. I should be much better able to protect and insulate him from “issues” Thanks to you. Reality finally sits in, unbelievably so, I can’t get the trial out of my mind, how you Ms. Rice have been with me through all of this, from start to finish, never putting your pen or keyboard at rest. I am amazed how you went up against opposing council, who during the trial flanked you, two veteran lawyers on your left and one in the audience. It was literally you vs. 3 lawyers and a judge who challenged every objection you made consistently. But you Stacey Rice did not falter, you stood up and gave 110% in the courtroom. During trial preparations I told my witness’s ” to make them feel at ease” that do not worry when you approach the stand, Stacey Rice will brandish her shield of justice and protect you, guide you up there, you are not alone i said” Yesterday i went to the local gym i frequently go to, a lot of people there that know me, know that i have been going through this and told me a long time ago that justice when harnessed correctly will be served. My reply to the patrons at the local gym was “if you see me with my son on Thursday walking through the gym then that is a good sign” As i walked in the gym with the happiest 8 year old one could see. People at the gym actually started to applaud us as i gave them the thumbs up… truly amazing!! At that moment reality sat in and i realized that a well gifted Attorney COMMANDS THE RESPECT OF THE COURTROOM. end of story.. thank you for reading this.