She has become a Godsend to our Family.

Mrs. Rice has a vast knowledge of Law in both Domestic matters as well as in Criminal. She has become a Godsend to our Family allowing us to receive the assistance from the court that we have so desperately needed for 6 years. Currently, we have had her on retainer for a little over 6 months at least and will continue to keep her for the future. I would recommend Mrs. Rice for her confidentiality, timeliness and overall human compassion. Anyone who says otherwise has obviously not used her and is writing slanderous reviews for their own gain. Her professionalism has shown itself on more than one occasion when anyone else would have ranted and raved. Our case is a very messy (if you will) one and Mrs. Rice is more compassionate, professional, and knowledgeable than the past 4 lawyers we have had retained in the past. In the short time she has become our attorney we have been able to save our Child from any more abuse, a feat that was previously unattainable.