Solid Divorce Lawyer

Mr. Volke provided sound legal advice throughout the two years it took to accomplish my divorce. Despite obstacles, he tirelessly addressed each issue after reviewing and researching to ensure a positive outcome. My case took longer than usual based on issues on my end, however, he always took time to address my concerns and replied to me the same day. The most straight forward attorney I have come across in the state of MD, who cares about the client. The single most significant quality about Mr. Volke is his candor and work ethic. He found answers quick, and researched everything to ensure he was a 100%. This quality is hard to find, and it shows he looks at each case with the same thoroughness despite it being just another divorce. I plan to use Mr. Volke on all legal issues that fall under his purview in the future. Fully recommend Mr. Volke to those that are in the process, or beginning of a divorce