One of the most significant changes in Maryland regarding divorce laws came in 2023 when the state eliminated its at-fault requirement for obtaining a divorce. Today, Maryland joins the majority of other states with no-fault divorce. However, many couples do not understand what a no-fault divorce is and the benefits of the process. That is why, in the article below, we will explain how this type of divorce works and what it can mean for your family.  

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What Does No-Fault Divorce Mean? 

While there may be reasons for marriages to fall apart, a no-fault divorce allows the couple to end their marriage without having to focus on that blame. In general, with a no-fault divorce, a couple will not have to prove any specific wrongdoing in court. Instead, all a party has to do is indicate irreconcilable differences or prove they have been living apart for a particular period of time.  

The Benefits of No-Fault Divorce 

Although no-fault divorce often makes it easier for a couple to obtain a divorce and can also reduce the negative feelings between the couple, there are actually several additional benefits to pursuing a no-fault divorce.  

Less Conflict 

Blaming another person for the end of a marriage will not make anything better going forward or change the past. Instead, it can bring up a lot of stress and hinder the divorce process.  However, in a no-fault divorce, spouses will not have to worry about placing blame on one another. Rather, they can focus on negotiating and working together to build a functional settlement without opposing each other. This process can ultimately result in less conflict and divorce stress. 

Less Strain on the Children 

Even in the best of circumstances, divorce can be hard on kids. Hearing that one parent is responsible for the end of the marriage can make them feel like they have to take sides. This kind of thinking can also create problems in their future relationships by making them more likely to see things as either good or bad, with no in-between. However, under a no-fault divorce, when parents do not have to place blame on the other side, the children are less likely to experience the divorce as a traumatic period in their lives.  

Maintain Control Over the Terms 

In an uncontested no-fault divorce, the process focuses on negotiating and agreeing on important issues such as property division and child custody. This allows you to build ideal terms for your family and helps you maintain control over the whole process.  

More Affordable 

In general, no-fault divorce takes less time and resources and is usually less expensive than fault-based divorce. This is because marital misconduct does not need to be proven, which allows the couple to separate more quickly.  

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Divorce can be a challenging time for the whole family, and the outcome can typically have a lasting impact on the course of your life. However, it is important to know that you do not have to go through this difficult ordeal on your own. At Rice Law, our dedicated family law attorneys are here to help you, whether that means assisting you with a divorce, prenuptial agreement, or protective order.  

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