It can be challenging to control your emotions while fighting for physical custody or visitation of your child. However, the more you can manage emotions and prioritize your child’s best interest, the better the likely outcome. If you are currently involved in a custody hearing or considering divorce, it is not only important to speak to an experienced family law lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that you are presenting the strongest possible case for custody, but you should also consider the below guide where we will discuss the things you should not do or say during a custody battle. 

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Do Not Lie in a Child Custody Case 

The information you provide or say in court and on legal forms must be truthful, especially during a child custody case. Being dishonest in these situations could harm your credibility, as the judge will assess the truthfulness of each parent’s claims through witness testimony, custody evaluations, and other evidence presented. If the court finds you lying in a custody case, it can result in losing custody or dealing with other consequences.  

Do Not Be Rude or Disrespectful To The Other Parent 

In a child custody case, the court will consider whether you are willing to support a relationship between your child and the other parent. If you do not show respect towards your ex-spouse, it can indicate that you cannot support this relationship, and the court may consider this when deciding on custody. That is why it is important to refrain from speaking negatively about your spouse to others or using any form of communication to send insults to them, such as texts, phone calls, social media, or emails, as this could impact the court’s decision. 

Do Not Stop Your Child From Seeing the Other Parent 

If your child is safe with the other parent, preventing them from seeing the other parent can reflect poorly on you. This is because courts want both parents involved in a child’s life. They also want to see that parents will encourage a positive relationship between the child and the other parent. 

Do Not Get Your Child Involved With the Case 

When a child is the subject of a custody battle, it is important to avoid involving them in the legal proceedings to prevent undue stress. Instead, focus on maintaining their routines and spending quality time together. 

Do Not Behave Poorly in Front of the Judge 

During a custody case, a judge will consider each parent’s conduct as a reflection of their character. As a result, it is important to avoid speaking out of turn or getting into arguments with the other parent. Additionally, it is crucial to treat everyone in the courtroom and courthouse with respect. 

Do Not Disregard Orders By the Court   

If there is a court order for child support or visitation, make sure to comply. Failing to do so indicates a lack of respect for the court and suggests that you may not be able to follow future custody orders. 

Additionally, prioritize being punctual for pickups and drop-offs with your kids. This demonstrates to the court that you can follow orders. Also, only change the schedule if necessary, and always provide the other parent with advance notice. 

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